UV-A tester

The UV-A tester is a small product to test the quality of the UV-A strength from your UV-A lamps.
This UV-A strength is important for the attraction of flies to your insect-trap/fly trap.

A Lamp with a low output will not attract flies to your fly trap.

The UV-A tester needs to be connected to your phone to measure and analyze the UV-A light
from UV-A lamps. It’s a tiny, beautifully designed with Aluminium body,

Prior to taking a UV-A reading, make sure that the lamp has been working for at least 5 minutes.
Depending on the ambient temperature, it can take up to 5 minutes for a UV-A lamp to reach its
full UV-A output.


Technical information

Measurement Error
UVI (UV Index) Range
UV Power
Sensor Type
Length / diameter
Workable Temperature
User Interface
310 ~ 400 nm
0 ~ 12
0 ~ 20 mW/cm2
Semiconductor Sensor
incl. headphone jack 47mm, diameter 10 mm : 6g
-20 ~ 50 ̊C
Smartphone (headphone jack)
iOS 5 or later / Android 3.0 or later

$ 25,000.00 incl. tax